1. Love is the drug - a disgusting, debilitating, painful drug. Download some amazing fan-made Black Crown Valentines cards today! 




    Love is sick. 

    More info here:


    I vomit in appreciation!


  2. Jon Praester - Mour Mour Mour

    plays: 42

    A haunting, evocative recording of this mysterious text. Read more


    A reading of ‘Mour Mour Mour’, in its fragmented entirety.

    Title: Mour Mour Mour, or A Tailor Lost

    Author: Jon Praester

    Edition:  Latest Edition, (8th), edited by Professor Dale Cull (University Of Plymouth)

    Read By: Joseph McShea



  4. It isn’t nice but you’re an animal, so you can do it, dressed in green and brown and black waiting to be attacked and smiling because you had bullets for teeth……when did these clothes fit so well? When did Corporal become an older brother and when did the army become a mother? When did I become a British soldier?  - Adnan Sarwar, British Muslim Soldier


  5. murakamistuff:

    Haruki Murakami, June 1985

    The Murakami Diary app is updated for 2014. More new stuff coming soon. Meanwhile, enjoy the old cats


  6. Stanley Kubrick’s Clockwork Orange film was released on this day in 1971 - based on Anthony Burgess’ 1962 novel, the director and the author famously argued over Kubrick’s vision for the film. 

    Find out more in our 50th-anniversary Clockwork Orange app, featuring video interviews and exclusive archive material from the Burgess Foundation. 


  7. randomhouse:

    Happy Beyoncé Day! Wondering where that powerful sample in the middle of “Flawless” came from? That would be author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s TED Talk, We Should All Be Feminists. Her beautiful, acclaimed novel AMERICANAH is out now and is Beyoncé-approved.



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    2013 has been the year of the digital publishing pivot: everyone is now a commentator. Why create when you can COMMENTATE?

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  9. There weren’t many traces of our prototype in Medium, but that was pretty understandable—it had evolved into a very different product. Ev explained that he felt there was a need for meaningful writing on the Web. There wasn’t a place for people who wanted to write something more substantive than a tweet. Blogs, while better for long-form, required a certain savviness to get up-and-running. Successful ones required constant care and feeding and typically focussed on a single subject matter. New ones lacked an audience. He went on to say that people sometimes just have one thing to say about a subject, not something every day or week.
    — Very well-designed, detailed and insightful article on the making of Medium

  10. Doris Lessing, Nobel Prize-winning author, dies aged 94

    “Whatever you’re meant to do, do it now. The conditions are always impossible.”