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"Enhanced e-books have had a rough start. There is a lot of potential for mixing story and media, but very few companies have unlocked how best to pull this off. Booktrack is one of those rare companies. All it takes is reading one story with a Booktrack to see the potential."  - Hugh Howey on the beauty of Booktrack. 

You can now listen to the first SAND book with added special sound effects from Peter Jackson’s New Zealand audio team, only on Booktrack, If you’re inspired to make your own immersive sound ebook, you can enter a competition at Booktrack to write your own fan fiction or soundtrack, with the chance to win $5,000


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2013 has been the year of the digital publishing pivot: everyone is now a commentator. Why create when you can COMMENTATE?

We like to be surfing the latest zeitgeist @randomdigital, so we’re proud to announce the publication of an innovative new book collecting the best digital publishing commentary from across the web.

The neat thing is that the ONLY way to read the content is by scanning the QR code contained in this BEAUTIFUL leather-bound hardback.

Read it on your smartphone, smart tablet and smart watch. Just not, er, the book itself. Sorry.

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Available from all rare book retailers soon. Maybe.

Join the conversation with our hashtag #RandomHouseBigBookofDigitalPublishing.

There weren’t many traces of our prototype in Medium, but that was pretty understandable—it had evolved into a very different product. Ev explained that he felt there was a need for meaningful writing on the Web. There wasn’t a place for people who wanted to write something more substantive than a tweet. Blogs, while better for long-form, required a certain savviness to get up-and-running. Successful ones required constant care and feeding and typically focussed on a single subject matter. New ones lacked an audience. He went on to say that people sometimes just have one thing to say about a subject, not something every day or week.
Very well-designed, detailed and insightful article on the making of Medium