The whole promise of tablet publishing is to be able to produce your content in one place, and then be able to say “hey, I’m going to push it out everywhere.” And the nice thing about reading, about text, about magazines, about a collection of articles is that the UX doesn’t have to be complex — as we’ve seen with The Magazine — in that a minimalist user experience should translate fairly universally across any platform.

There’s nothing specific in The Magazine that couldn’t be brought over 100% on Android, and so wherever you are, the design and the user experience could be identical on every platform. It’s something a publisher shouldn’t have to worry about. As a publisher, I don’t want to think, OK, I’m pushing out to iOS with some set of rules, and now we have to redesign something and push out another app for Android. You just want one place to build and send your article, send your data, and have it look great on all platforms. That’s the dream. We’ll be there, soon.

The dreamy Craig Mod, talking to Sam Byford about reading in the age of the iPad at The Verge
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